Ayang Trust

Transformation of a marginalized, tribal, flood affected community into a peaceful, critically conscious, socio economically empowered community


Ayang Trust’s work is centered around the marginalized and flood-affected​ tribal communities of Majuli Island, Assam. Despite there being 932 schools in the Majuli with reported 90% enrollment of children, the quality of education is most often substandard. Frequently just one or two teachers manage an entire school and school attendance is less than 50%. Many children eventually discontinue their education with the system failing them, and without employable skills go back to sustenance farming, starting their families young. This perpetuates the cycle of poverty. Ayang’s mediational approach seeks to shape social change by empowering the local community to utilize modern resources and their own lived experiences to build capacity in the areas of education, healthcare and means of livelihood, leading to a better living based on social and economic justice.



Thematic Area: Education

Location: Assam

Geographical area: North

Track: Open

Cohort: N/3

Year: 2019

Website: www.ayang.org.in