Co Labs

Data driven skill development and recruitment for students from rural and semi-urban areas studying in ITIs.

  • Aakriti Pasricha

    Aakriti Pasricha has an educational background in psychology, liberal arts, and social work, and is interested in gender, mental health, and ethics and technology. She likes designing accessible programs and experiences for people, and enjtoys playing with data. On good days, she is up for learning almost anything!

  • Abhinav Jha

    Abhinav Jha has a background in Mechanical Engineering and Management and has worked in multiple startups in education, bio-medical engineering, and mechatronics domains. He strives to encourage grassroots innovation through exposure to latest technologies and specialized upskilling.


Colab’s SkillVill is an initiative designed to strengthen and optimize every link of the skill development value chain, starting with the relationship between the primary stakeholders- students, vocational institutes, and industries. SkillVill aims to Identify skill gaps among students, work with ITI’s to provide upskilling opportunities and help connect the students with right employers based on skill matching.


Thematic Area: Livelihood

Location: Ranchi

Geographical area: East

Track: Tech

Cohort: N/T2

Year: 2019