Using AI to reduce road accidents caused due to trucks

  • Jehaan

    Jehaan, founder of Humsafer, is also the CEO of JFK Transporters: a 100 fleet trucking company. He has also been a recipient of The Youth Transporter of the Year award.

  • Sumedh

    Sumedh Mane has 5 years of experience in product management. He has led teams building successful consumer facing products in tech start-ups such as Fitternity.


Humsafer is committed to equipping the truck drivers in India with safety tools, subsequently helping them live more well-rounded lives. Through real time interventions in their local language, they help truck drivers make safer choices on the road, lower their chances of meeting with accidents, and connect this largely fragmented network to foster a sense of community and make them prosperous members of society.


Thematic Area: Road Safety

Location: Mumbai

Track: Tech

Cohort: N/T3

Year: 2020