Involve Learning Solutions Foundation

Developing 21st century skills in school students and making them self-directed learners using Peer Teaching.

  • Divanshu

    Divanshu is a Senior Undergrad at IIT Madras. Previously he worked as a mentor with Avanti Fellows, and as a technical trainee with Mondelez International.


Involve works with students from low-income schools to develop 21st century skills in them using Peer Teaching. They train and mentor senior students of 8-11th grade (Student Leaders) to teach their Juniors (Learners). Through their unique fellowship program for Student Leaders, the organisation is achieving their vision of empowering students towards self-driven Learning and personal growth. The whole program is managed and assessed by a Student Transformation Manager who works directly with the students.




student leaders


Thematic Area: Education

Location: Chennai

Geographical area: South

Track: Tech

Cohort: N/T1

Year: 2018