Leadership for Equity

Help the government deliver quality education.

  • Madhukar

    Madhukar holds an engineering degree from BITS Pilani and has been in the the education sector for almost a decade. he was a 2009 Teach for India Fellow and 2015 Acumen India Fellow.

  • Siddesh

    Siddesh has extensively studied clinical psychology and education, with double masters from Christ University & TISS, respectively. he was also a curriculum writer for Bridge International and has spent more than 5 years in the education sector.


Leadership For Equity (LFE) is a Systems Change and Research Organisation that aims to strengthen the effectiveness of government school systems. LFE provides strategic and implementation consulting to improve effectiveness of educational programs; LFE builds the capacity and support to existing officials to operate with increased effectiveness and agency; and finally LFE supports high potential innovations (and organisations) to scale and institutionalise within the system.


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Thematic Area: Education

Location: Pune

Geographical area: West

Track: Open

Cohort: N/2

Year: 2018

Website: https://www.leadershipforequity.org/