Madhi Foundation

Empowering educators and administrators to be the catalysts of change for educational equity

  • Merlia

    Merlia is an alumna of Stella Maris College, London School of Economics and the University of Oxford. She has worked with organisations like Teach For India and Athena Infonomics where she led projects with state governments and multilateral organisations as a Senior Consultant for education and skill development.


Madhi Foundation supports school systems to eliminate the foundational learning gap. they leverage technology to create meaning learning opportunities for students, teachers and administrators, improve system efficiencies and inspire data-driven policy reform. they believe that by adopting a systems change approach, the foundational learning gap in primary school going children can be eliminated by 2040.


public schools impacted


growth in outcomes


Thematic Area: Education

Location: Chennai

Geographical area: South

Track: Open

Cohort: N/2

Year: 2018