Meraki empowers disadvantaged parents to act early and unleash their child’s innate developmental potential.

  • Seemant Dadwal

    Seemant Dadwal is an educator and founder of Meraki. He is an engineer and holds a Masters in public policy from IIM Bangalore


74 million disadvantaged Indian parents are ill equipped to support their children. In order to fulfill a child’s potential, Meraki works on building long-term capacity of parents to spearhead their child’s development and learning. Via its contextualized content, andragogy backed training and personalized technology, Meraki is designed to work for disadvantaged parents across contexts. This 3 layered intervention is delivered by a cadre of technology enabled community champions, Meraki Margadarshaqs, who empower parents to take tangible steps towards fulfilling the developmental needs of their children.


Thematic Area: Education

Location: New Delhi

Geographical area: North

Track: Tech

Cohort: N/T2

Year: 2019