Rightwalk Foundation

Building an equitable, inclusive and just society through public policy intervention.

  • Samina

    Samina is an Ashoka and Acumen Fellow, IIM-Bangalore alumna and SDG Goalkeeper. she is a passionate advocate of equality and social justice.


RightWalk Foundation (RWF) aims at realizing institutional social change through public policy intervention across the policy value chain. They focus on accomplishing an equitable, inclusive and socially just society through policy advocacy, capacity building and efficient delivery by engaging with system leadership, lawmakers and communities. Their most significant achievement has been enabling RTE 12.1.(c) in Uttar Pradesh through several policy and legal wins, institutional capacity building and mass awareness campaign leading to 96,000 children impacted in four years.


RTE admissions


teachers trained


Thematic Area: Education

Location: Lucknow

Geographical area: North

Track: Open

Cohort: N/2

Year: 2018

Website: http://www.rightwalk.org/