Driving Secondary School Readiness And Excellence

  • Pankaj

    After his MSW from TISS, Pankaj  jumped directly into the social sector working for organisations like CARE India and Project Concern International, before becoming the country head of Kusuma Foundation in 2011. After around 8 years with Kusuma Foundation, when they had a strategic shift, Pankaj started Transform Schools to scale the work supported by the Kusuma Trust UK.


The key program is Transform Learning, a 200 hour remedial course (including Science, English, Math, Hindi and local language) delivered by trained government teachers during school hours to 2.5 million children across four states. JPal pilot RCT shows that for 90% of the children, the program adds between 1.7-2.5 years of student learning.

2.4 Million



Thematic Area: Education

Location: Delhi

Geographical area: East, North

Track: Accelerator

Year: 2019