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Security of land tenure and stable access to housing have the potential to unlock massive economic and social value for India’s poorest. Secure rights to property form the basis for physical safety, livelihoods, wealth accumulation and social status. However, the numbers paint a stark picture: close to 17 million families in rural India are landless, while an estimated 45 million families are land and housing insecure.

N/Core and Omidyar Network India invite research proposals that will shed light on the sundry issues of land and housing and lead to transformative innovation. We believe that high-quality research that uncovers bottlenecks and opportunities in the land and housing ecosystem will help entrepreneurs, nonprofits, philanthropists and policy-makers develop meaningful interventions for the economically disadvantaged.

Grant Details

Who can apply
Researchers, research centers, think tanks, nonprofits, individuals
Types of research
Qualitative or quantitative research, bias for technology
Grant amount
₹25 lakhs
Grant duration
1 year

Application Process

Round 1

Open for All

Deadline: 31 October

Submit research concept note

Teams shortlisted to send in detailed proposals

Round 2

Shortlisted Teams

Deadline: 13 November

Submit detailed proposals

Up to 10 proposals selected

Round 3

Final Shortlist

Week of 22 Nov

In person or telephonic interviews with Expert Jury

Up to 4 proposals selected as Grantees

Jury and Advisors

Research proposals will be selected for grant awards by our distinguished panel of Jury Members. The teams will also have the option to be guided on their research by Advisors who are expert researchers and practitioners in the domains of land and housing.

  • Dr. Bina Agarwal

    Development Economist, Professor

    University of Manchester

  • Tim Hanstad


    Chandler Foundation

  • Dr. KP Krishnan

    Secretary at Ministry of

    Skill Development & Entrepreneurship

  • Dr. Anirudh Krishna

    Professor of Public Policy

    Duke University

  • George McCarthy

    President and CEO

    Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

  • Dr. Enrique Silva


    Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

  • Dr. Malcolm Childress


    Global Land Alliance

  • David Smith

    Founder and CEO

    Affordable Housing Institute


For queries, please email us at
  • What will the research lead to?
    N/Core will present high-quality research facilitated by the Research Innovation Grant to potential problem-solvers in the ecosystem for land and housing including entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations, investors, donors, and policy-makers. Apart from facilitating connections with publishing organizations and journals, we will also be hosting an annual research symposium on land and housing attended by all the relevant stakeholders.
  • Will my research proposal be shared with anyone?
    The research proposals will only be viewed by the selection committee, including the panel of Jury and Advisors . They will not be shared with anyone else, and will be treated as confidential.
  • What are the criteria used to shortlist grant proposals?
    The criteria used to shortlist grant proposals is:

    Quality and integrity of the research proposed - Does the proposal clearly define the research questions, activities, methodologies, and target audience? Is the need to use certain methodologies used through the course of the study well-supported?

    Impact - Is there clarity and significance of the impact of the proposed activities? Is the research solution-oriented and will it lead to action?

    Team - Does the team demonstrate strong knowledge of the problems they are addressing and an understanding of the setting in which their research innovations will be tested?

    Innovation - Is the research about innovative practices or will the findings of the research make room for innovations that are easier, faster, less costly, or more feasible to implement/replicate.
  • My topic of research is not mentioned in the thematic areas. Can I still apply?
    Yes, you can. However, the research must have a direct linkage to land and housing. Some of the topics that are not explicitly mentioned in our thematic areas, but that we encourage research on include: climate change, natural resource management, sustainable infrastructure and land use planning. If you still have doubts about your research topic being eligible for the grant, please email
  • My research proposal requires funding greater than ₹25 lakhs. Will you still consider it?
    We understand that different types of research requires different amounts of funding. If we are convinced that your research is valuable, we can consider supplemental funding or partnering with other organizations that fund research.