Company Name Slug Banner Logo Purpose of Cohort Website Link About Work Founder(s) Thematic Area Location Area of Impact Grant Types Cohort Year
Aaroogya aaroogya Using AI for prevention and early detection of Women’s cancers Aaroogya believes that Early detection is the key to reducing mortality rates (46% as of 2019) and treatment costs associated with Women’s Cancers. Their work is spread across AI for detection, data analysis, and research. Aaroogya’s approach also includes an on-ground Fellowship program to analyze Anthropology and Public Health data. Aaroogya envisions creating a National Screening Program as a replicable model to reach their goal of impacting 50M women in South-east Asia.  Dhruv , Priyanjali Health Care Delhi, NCR North Tech 2020
Jagrit Labs jagrit-labs Nurturing creativity, curiosity, and community building among underserved youth through making. MakerGhat’s vision is to support underserved youth in becoming leaders and entrepreneurs who can enable social and economic change in their communities. To support this movement, they create low-cost brick-and-mortar labs that embody a do-it-yourself mindset or culture of ‘making’. Through such safe, open, and resourced community spaces, their goal is to spark a cultural shift in who is part of and drives innovation in India and beyond. Aditya , Azra Workforce Development , Education West Tech 2020
Energy Harvest energy-harvest Using AI to map, collect, and process crop residue into biofuel India produces 500-550 million tonnes of crop residue every year. In the states of Punjab and Haryana, 35 millions tonnes of paddy straw is left over after harvesting, most of which is burned. Energy Harvest uses AI to identify waste biomass and then works with farmers to collect it. Energy Harvest Charitable was started with three main goals: to solve the crop residue burning problem, manufacture useful products from this crop residue, and subsequently increase farmer income. Sukhmeet Energy Chandigarh North Tech 2020
Charity Science Health charity-science-health Increasing child vaccination rates by providing appropriate nudges to families Every year 90 lakh infants in India do not complete their immunisation schedule. Charity Science Health makes sure children across India get vaccinated by giving mothers a mobile nudge when their children are due for immunisation. Text message reminders are a proven, low-cost, and scalable solution. After enrolling 3 lakh families, they now leverage government infrastructure to automatically enrol families for reminders when mothers in Bihar and Maharashtra attend prenatal checkups with government nurses or deliver a child at government clinics.    Katriel Health Bihar, Maharashtra, UP, MP. North Tech 2020
One Step Forward Foundation one-step-forward-foundation Increasing scientific literacy among underprivileged students Through its flagship program ‘Prayogshala’, OSFF builds scientific literacy in primary and middle school students. Their aim is to provide optimal lab resources and high quality science pedagogy in schools to build scientific literacy. They also train teachers in their unique ‘COST’ pedagogy, building a robust ecosystem for teaching science in schools and, by extension, provide students access to career pathways in STEM-related fields. Krishna Kumar Pant , Shasanka Education Tech 2020
Muskaan Dreams muskaan-dreams Transforming the learning experience of children in public schools Muskaan Dreams is digitising education for children in public schools through digital learning tools. They want to make learning enjoyable, reachable & accessible to 1 million children. They create digital classrooms in public schools along with content aligned with the state board curriculum. To ensure sustainability, Muskaan Dreams also work closely on capacity building and monitoring 300+ teachers and continuously improve teaching outcomes. Abhisek , Rishi Education Madhya pradesh & NCR Central , North Tech 2020
LevelUp Foundation levelup-foundation Using AI and VR to improve access for the visually impaired Established in 2019 by a team behind one of the most popular projects for the visually impaired, Eye-D (, LevelUP Foundation uses technology to uplift the disabled people at scale. Their smartphone app, designed to facilitate navigation and movement, incorporates Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and Virtual reality. LevelUP Foundation helps make universities accessible, making higher education more inclusive, and subsequently opening doors of opportunity for the disabled. Gaurav , Subodh Assistive Technology Bangalore South Tech 2020
Intellify intellify AI platform to help students assess & enhance their cognitive skills Intellify envisions to create a platform where every student can showcase their talent, assess their abilities and receive specific guidance on how to enhance their skills. Since its inception in 2017, Intellify has reached more than 100 cities, impacting 30,000+ students and 800+ teachers directly through its program and workshops. In its journey, they have worked with Delhi Government, NITI Aayog, MHRD (DIC), CBSE, Teach for India, CLI-IIT Gandhinagar and Design Department of IIT Delhi. Amar , Avinash Education North Tech 2020
Humsafer humsafer Using AI to reduce road accidents caused due to trucks Humsafer is committed to equipping the truck drivers in India with safety tools, subsequently helping them live more well-rounded lives. Through real time interventions in their local language, they help truck drivers make safer choices on the road, lower their chances of meeting with accidents, and connect this largely fragmented network to foster a sense of community and make them prosperous members of society. Jehaan , Sumedh Road Safety Mumbai Tech 2020
Civis civis Strengthening policy decisions through citizen participation Civis enables individuals to co-create the laws that impact them - with the Government, before these laws are finalised. They work across two verticals: National level policies through their platform, and with government bodies to enable effective public consultations. Civis uses its platform to aggregate all open public consultations, simplify the documents and encourage individuals to read, understand, discuss and share inputs with the Government on draft laws and policies. Antaraa civic technology Mumbai West Tech 2020
Reap Benefit reap-benefits Inspiring Youth to become Action-based Citizen Champions Reap Benefits focuses on the environment, building civic muscle and life skills in young Indians. It partners with govt and private schools and universities to work with youth (between 12-24 years) focusing on building skills of critical thinking and applied problem-solving, in the context of local civic and environmental issues. Kuldeep Civic Engagement Bangalore South Accelerator 2019
Transform transform Driving Secondary School Readiness And Excellence The key program is Transform Learning, a 200 hour remedial course (including Science, English, Math, Hindi and local language) delivered by trained government teachers during school hours to 2.5 million children across four states. JPal pilot RCT shows that for 90% of the children, the program adds between 1.7-2.5 years of student learning. Pankaj Education Delhi East , North Accelerator 2019
Peepul peepul Working with Governments to Systematically Transform Education Peepul is  running 3 exemplar schools in Delhi and training teachers to improve performance in govt schools to the same level. It is also working with the World Bank to transform a district (1700 schools) in Madhya Pradesh over 4 years using the government systems and the learning from the exemplar schools and teacher training in Delhi to build teacher and administrative officials' capacity. Kruti Education Delhi North Accelerator 2019
Sensing Local sensing-local  A living lab that accelerates improvement of the environment and public health in Indian Cities. Sensing local proposes a ‘Living Lab’, which is to be a site for city observation, learning, and innovation with a specific focus on improving the state of the environment and public health. As a model, it is to serve as an in-between-step that formalizes learning and experimentation in the urban context to achieve impact at a faster pace for the largest section of society. The prime thrust of the Living Lab is to behave as a catalyst for the ecosystem of a city’s decision makers, and ‘breakthrough’ the trap of repetitive, fragmented, myopic actions. Ankit , Sobia Bangalore South Open 2019
Shiksharth shiksharth Every community contributes to the learning journey of its children Shiksharth works towards improving the quality of education in rural and tribal areas through action-based research, design and implementation. Shiksharth at the core believes in community led model of education and is currently working on ways by which community, its wisdom, culture and customs can be contextually incorporated in classrooms content and pedagogy. Ashish Education Chhattisgarh North Open 2019
Green Communities Foundation green-communities-foundation  Helping Communities become Waste Free Green Communities Foundation engages with communities like housing societies, corporate offices and villages and implements scientific waste management practices like segregation at source, on-site composting and recycling. This ensures that the community is able to save over 80% of their waste from going into dumping grounds.  Kedar Sohoni Environment West Open 2019
Thrive Foundation thrive-foundation Promoting resilience through education Thrive's aim is  to address the gap in availability of mental health services in low-income schools.  It seeks to provide equitable access to mental health care, quality social and emotional learning (SEL) curriculum and comprehensive teacher well-being and professional development programmes to address the crisis of mental health in education. Jyothi Education Chennai South Open 2019
SwaTaleem Foundation swataleem-foundation SwaTaleem works to ensure access to quality learner centric education for all learners SwaTaleem Foundation exists from the sense of Equality and Justice in terms of access to quality education. They create a thriving community of Girl leaders, Teachers, Wardens and Administrative officials working together to improve the learning ambience of  schools. This is done by conducting Cluster Sessions and In-School sessions for all the stakeholders and practice problem solving through these sessions. This encompasses developing Socio-Emotional Skills and Cognitive skills among Girls.  Vaibhav Education Haryana North Open 2019
MukkaMaar mukkamaar  Enable every girl to defend herself, fearlessly. MukkaMaar strives to end the vicious cycle of crime against girls through preventive intervention by putting power directly in the hands of the one who needs it. In order to solve this complex problem, MukkaMaar uses long-term self-defence training as a means to not only teach the physical part of self-defence but to also inculcate a system of values wherein the girls gain agency over their bodies.  Ishita Capacity building Mumbai West Open 2019
Mitti Cafe mitti-cafe Mitti Cafe works for Economic independence and dignity for persons with disability through livelihood development opportunities via inclusive cafes MITTI Cafe, as a part of its livelihood development initiative for the economic independence and dignity of persons with disability, creates employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for adults with physical, intellectual and multiple disability through cafes within institutional spaces. These Cafes are unique as they are designed as platforms for the differently-abled communities to showcase their potential for productive activity and to create awareness for the cause of equal opportunities in employment. By engaging persons with disability we believe that they would act as agents of change by example and thereby promote a system of self sustenance and wellness , as well as create awareness for the cause of inclusion. Alina Capacity building Bangalore South Open 2019
Dakshas dakshas Towards Sustainable Universal Healthcare Dakshas strives to achieve an ecological sustainable planet by re-defining 'wealth' in QALY (quality adjusted life years) and catalyze shift from Monetary to Time Economy, through successful wide-spread adoption of a sustainable Universal Healthcare model for sector-wide transformation. Bharat Health Care Hyderabad South Open 2019
Built Empathy built-empathy Built Empathy improves habitat for communities & help build better cities through public space interventions. Built Empathy is a design-based action-lab that uses architecture & urbanism to create more inclusive and sustainable cities & communities and to  improve habitat for communities through public space interventions. Built Empathy is a team of architects, urban planners, policy professionals, community organizers, and researchers working on four service areas of Design & Build, Research & Test, Policy Advocacy and Outreach. Through their human-centered design thinking and behavioral design approach, they enable community-led interventions that lead to more engaged, happier, and inclusive spaces. Bhavya Sustainable Cities Bangalore South Open 2019
Anahata United Efforts Foundation anahata-united-efforts-foundation Nurture and guide every adolescent  to discover their interest and embark on education or career of choice Anahata provides  Career Awareness & Mentoring to Government High Schoolers. Their  Vision is to Nurture by Guiding Every Underprivileged Child to Discover his / her Passion and embark on Education or Career of Choice. Their program is a  robust and sustainable Discover- Reinforce- Support Model that includes Structured Career Awareness Sessions, Industry Visits, Career Fairs, Mentoring & Counselling, Motivational Sessions, Talks by Role Models, Supportive Parenting Interventions, Summer program, Scholarships & Admission Support – spanning across 8th, 9th & 10th Grades.    Meenakshi Education Bangalore Pan India Open 2019
Ayang Trust ayang-trust Transformation of a marginalized community into a socio economically empowered community Ayang Trust’s work is centered around the marginalized and flood-affected​ tribal communities of Majuli Island, Assam. Despite there being 932 schools in the Majuli with reported 90% enrollment of children, the quality of education is most often substandard. Frequently just one or two teachers manage an entire school and school attendance is less than 50%. Many children eventually discontinue their education with the system failing them, and without employable skills go back to sustenance farming, starting their families young. This perpetuates the cycle of poverty. Ayang’s mediational approach seeks to shape social change by empowering the local community to utilize modern resources and their own lived experiences to build capacity in the areas of education, healthcare and means of livelihood, leading to a better living based on social and economic justice.   Aswathy , Bipin Education Assam North Open 2019
Sushrat Foundation sushrat-foundation Increasing efficiency of government hospitals to help them serve better. India has a 70% higher patient-to-doctor ratio than the WHO recommendation. this load on the medical system is further exacerbated by operational inefficiencies in a hospital. trained medical staff spend much of their time in administrative and redundant tasks. Sushrat Foundation, a healthcare nonprofit works to make hospital administration more efficient in government hospitals by using lean, six sigma and kaizen methodologies. going beyond creating a blueprint for efficiency, the organisation has piloted implementation of the changes on the ground, with the help of Fellows trained on business process transformation. Shitij Health Care New Delhi North Open 2017
Sukhibhava sukhibhava Creating awareness around menstrual health. Sukhibhava, is tackling the large-scale problem of lack of awareness and affordability of menstrual hygiene solutions for women in low income groups. their innovative model empowers microentrepreneurs in communities to proliferate adoption of safe menstrual hygiene practices. Dilip Menstrual health Bengaluru South Accelerator 2019
The Education Alliance the-education-alliance Reviving government schools through unique whole-school partnerships. While the government has largely addressed the problem of access to primary education, a large number of government schools lying under-utilised across India. The Education Alliance is a nonprofit working towards improving student learning in government schools through public-private partnership. Amitav Education New Delhi North Open 2017
Saarthi saarthi Enhancing child’s development through effective involvement of parents. Children from impoverished backgrounds bear a huge competitive disadvantage of not having sufficient parental participation in their education. Saarthi Education, is on a mission to transform parents’ involvement in their child’s development. The Saarthi model of providing both content as well as its delivery to parents in low income communities is showing definitive signs of positive impact, in early pilots. Ankit New Delhi North Open 2017
Project Potential project-potential Creating better employment opportunities for underprivileged youth. n Bihar, the more educated you are, the more likely you are to be unemployed, with over 25% of college graduates currently unemployed — compared to 2.5% for those who have completed primary school and 8.4% for those who have completed middle school. Project Potential is working towards alleviation of unemployment, currently in the state of Bihar by inculcating an entrepreneurial mindset in communities engaged in a wide range of livelihoods. Zubin Livelihood Kishangunj, Bihar East Open 2017
Navgurukul navgurukul Software​ ​engineering​ ​training​ ​for​ ​underprivileged​ ​youth. The rise of the Indian software industry has had a significant contribution to the rise of the Indian middle class. However, the talent entering the sector has been gated by requirements of formal education. This has excluded the bottom of the pyramid from access to jobs in the growing tech sector. NavGurukul is working to teach software engineering skills to underprivileged young adults, irrespective of their formal educational baselines. Their innovative model is based on self-learning and experimentation. Abhishek , Rishabh Livelihood New DElhi North Open 2017
Foundation for Environmental Monitoring foundation-for-environmental-monitoring Making​ drinking​ water​ quality​ checks​ easier​ and​ accessible. Millions of Indians in economically backward areas lack access to clean drinking water. regular consumption of contaminated water results in chronic health issues, lost wages etc., further aggravating poverty. Foundation for Environmental Monitoring (FFEM) is deeply committed to deliver low cost, highly accurate technology to measure quality of water. by making the solution open source, they have also ensured that the cost of technology continues to be affordable. Samuel , Saurabh Environment Bengaluru South Open 2017
Anahad Foundation anahad-foundation Enhancing​ ​socio-economic​ ​status​ ​of​ ​tribal​ ​and​ ​folk​ ​artists. Despite immense talent and a heritage of profound art, the Indian folk musician struggles to make a living from his/her art. Music is a multi-billion dollar industry but folk artists remain on the fringe, eking out a living as street performers. Anahad, a pioneering nonprofit has a mission to “revive, research and innovate music as a driver of change to rejuvenate the society”. It functions as a record label, producing unheard cultural folks which can bring a positive impact on the society. Abhinav Music New Delhi North Open 2017
Akshar foundation akshar-foundation Innovative​ ​approach​ ​to​ ​providing​ ​education​ ​to​ ​stone​ ​quarry community​ ​children. Akshar Foundation is an award-winning nonprofit organisation operating in Assam with an innovative, business-oriented approach to education. Serving a community of stone quarry workers that has experienced multi-generational illiteracy, the Akshar team has developed a tiered teaching model that encourages older students who have achieved a faster progression to teach younger students. This model enables Akshar to operate at a 1:100 teacher to student ratio, and helps students to fast track their learning through teaching. Mazin , Parmita Education Assam East Open 2017
Samagra foundation samagra-foundation Smart Sanitation O/S For Smart Cities. Samagra Empowerment Foundation is a technology driven impact enterprise dedicated to providing clean, safe, smart and sustainable sanitation services to the poor in partnership with funding & business partners and Municipal Governments. Samagra’s mission is to enable the poor, especially women and girls, lead “Healthier, Productive, Dignified and Empowered lives”. Swapnil Sanitation Pune West Accelerator 2019
Pi jam foundation pi-jam-foundation Equipping students and educators with tools to learn and create with technology Pi Jam uses affordable hardware and open source technologies suited for the Indian context to make students experience the fun in challenges. The aim is to provide experimental technological education driven through a problem-solving approach to bring school children closer to solving real-world problems. They hope to transcend the boundaries of traditional subjects, inspiring collaborations across the arts, sciences and between people. Shoaib Education Pune West Tech 2018
Lakeer lakeer An urban governance initiative focused on making Indian cities more livable. India is urbanizing at an unprecedented scale. Our cities will be home to nearly 600 million people by 2030. To ensure thoughtful, and citizen-centric planning of resources in cities, Lakeer builds the case for data-driven governance and inclusive urban planning to administrators who lead the planning, budgeting and day-to-day running of our cities. Lakeer’s long-term vision is to enable a participative and data-led approach to govern these cities. Dipika , Varun Governance Hyderabad South Tech 2018
Involve Learning Solutions Foundation involve-learning-solutions-foundation Developing 21st century skills in school students and making them self-directed learners using Peer Teaching. Involve works with students from low-income schools to develop 21st century skills in them using Peer Teaching. They train and mentor senior students of 8-11th grade (Student Leaders) to teach their Juniors (Learners). Through their unique fellowship program for Student Leaders, the organisation is achieving their vision of empowering students towards self-driven Learning and personal growth. The whole program is managed and assessed by a Student Transformation Manager who works directly with the students. Divanshu Education Chennai South Tech 2018
Intelehealth intelehealth Improving access to primary healthcare in underserved regions of the world through innovative telemedicine platform. Intelehealth has developed an open source telemedicine platform that empowers health workers to facilitate tele-consultations with remote doctors. It is a mobile app, powered by HxGuide (an intelligent clinical data collection system) which task-shifts healthcare processes normally done by doctors or nurses, to health workers, & can be used by hospitals, community health programs & governments to expand the reach of health services. Neha Health Care Mumbai Pan India Tech 2018
Change With One Foundation change-with-one-foundation Connecting nearest available blood donors with blood seekers in just a few seconds. Change With One Foundation is a Delhi based social enterprise operating through its virtual blood donation platform called Simply Blood. Its mission is to provide blood support to every blood seeker by 2025 under 30 minutes to ensure nobody dies because of lack of blood. Simply Blood team have developed a unique platform to integrate different technologies to reach remotest part of the country. Change With One Foundation’s aim is to save at least a million lives using Simply Blood platform by 2020. Kiran Health New Delhi North Tech 2018
AquaSafi Rural Development Foundation aquasafi-rural-development-foundation Make villages self-reliant for their drinking water needs, through a financially and environmentally sustainable model. Aquasafi works with village communities (Panchayat, Cooperatives, SHG, etc.) on a partnership model for setting up water treatment units in villages. They install automated remote monitored water treatment units which does not require a full-time operator. Over a period of 10 years, their vision is to move the villages from groundwater to surface water for their drinking water requirement. Pavin Water Hubli, Karnataka South Tech 2018
Alohomora Education Foundation alohomora-education-foundation Empowering young adults to take charge of their learning and life choices. Alohomora creates opportunities for 11th-12th grade students of government schools to develop a career plan post 12th. Their aim is to empower students to become self-aware and be independent learners with career plans aligned with their interests and strengths. They use tools like – Internet Literacy for self-learning and Reflective Practices, App based learning, and data analytics to focus on learning outcomes for each student, and virtual networks for learning. Divakar , Parinita Education New Delhi North Tech 2018
eco-habitats eco-habitats Affordable rental housing for migrants and unhoused. Eco-habitats plans to build tiny houses in India using the best materials and well thought-through designs. Tiny houses measure around 300 square feet and can accommodate up to four people when required. By building small, they will leave half of the plot empty where one can grow trees to feel closer to nature and help reduce electricity consumption by climatically sheltering the houses. People can also grow their own food on the remaining land as most are equipped with immense knowledge of tending the land from their villages. The cost of construction of one house will be around 4.5 lacs and can be rented for a nominal 1500 or 2000 rupees a month so as to make them affordable for all. Harshit Singh Kothari , Tanvi Jain Housing Bhopal North Open 2018
Bridges of sports bridges-of-sports Empowering India. One sport at a time. Building an inclusive sports ecosystem, with a focus on imparting quality sports education by equipping and developing community coaches, by tying in elements of skilling, livelihood and sports literacy. they are also co-creating sports ecosystem through grassroots movements, and provide support for talent transition to elite levels. they optimise infrastructure at schools & district grounds and augment it with locally sourced equipment so as to combat asymmetrical access and provide a ‘level playing field’ for talent at grassroots. Nitish Chiniwar Sports Hubli South Open 2018
Rightwalk Foundation rightwalk-foundation Building an equitable, inclusive and just society through public policy intervention. RightWalk Foundation (RWF) aims at realizing institutional social change through public policy intervention across the policy value chain. They focus on accomplishing an equitable, inclusive and socially just society through policy advocacy, capacity building and efficient delivery by engaging with system leadership, lawmakers and communities. Their most significant achievement has been enabling RTE 12.1.(c) in Uttar Pradesh through several policy and legal wins, institutional capacity building and mass awareness campaign leading to 96,000 children impacted in four years. Samina Education Lucknow North Open 2018
Leadership for Equity leadership-for-equity Help the government deliver quality education. Leadership For Equity (LFE) is a Systems Change and Research Organisation that aims to strengthen the effectiveness of government school systems. LFE provides strategic and implementation consulting to improve effectiveness of educational programs; LFE builds the capacity and support to existing officials to operate with increased effectiveness and agency; and finally LFE supports high potential innovations (and organisations) to scale and institutionalise within the system. Madhukar , Siddesh Education Pune West Open 2018
Mycitymoney mycitymoney Building an open-data platform to understand municipal finances. Mijini’s ‘Urban Financial Intelligence Platform’ (UFIP) is a cloud-based reporting, analytics, visualization and scenario planning tool to understand financial performance of Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) in India. UFIP will present insights on performance of cities, financial health, solvency and fund raising ability, and will also usher in transparency and provide impetus for better financial management. Nalin , Shiva Sustainable Cities Bengaluru South Open 2018
Madhi Foundation madhi-foundation Empowering educators and administrators to be the catalysts of change for educational equity Madhi Foundation supports school systems to eliminate the foundational learning gap. they leverage technology to create meaning learning opportunities for students, teachers and administrators, improve system efficiencies and inspire data-driven policy reform. they believe that by adopting a systems change approach, the foundational learning gap in primary school going children can be eliminated by 2040. Merlia Education Chennai South Open 2018
Slam out loud slam-out-loud Using the transformational power of arts for empowering children to build 21st century leadership and life skills Slam Out Loud works at the intersection of arts, education, and leadership with a vision that “every individual will have a voice that empowers them to change lives.” they have established art-based learning in safe spaces for children in at-risk communities. The transformational power of the arts enables the children to build 21st Century leadership and life skills, and the artists to create a movement towards fostering their agency to drive universal social change. Gaurav , Jigyasa Childcare New Delhi North Open 2018
Manzil Mystics manzil-mystics Building life skills for public school children through music. Manzil Mystics is a Delhi based choir band, Institute as well as Nonprofit that is striving towards increasing the appreciation and recognition of music. Through music, they intend to teach children how to express their hopes, feelings, ideas, happiness, anger, and frustration. They aim to reach every classroom and enable life skills & positively impact educational outcomes of disadvantaged children. Anurag , Niti Pandya Children New Delhi North Open 2018
Videowiki videowiki Making Wikipedia more accessible to people with lower literacy and vision impairments. Wikipedia is a source of genuine, neutral knowledge. 1 in every 4 Indians lack the ability to read text and therefore are unable to access this source of knowledge. VideoWiki makes Wikipedia more accessible by adding a visual and audio layer to Wikipedia, ensuring that in the future, the 'sum of all human knowledge' is not limited to just text. VideoWiki is currently working on building “neutral”, “reliable”, and “verifiable” videos in Indian languages, starting from Hindi. Pratik Shetty Education Mumbai Pan India Tech 2019
Uplift Mutuals uplift-mutuals Pioneering women-led multi-community mutual health protection in India Uplift Mutuals is the unique pioneer of mutual health microinsurance in India where women communities run their own health insurance. They have a women-led model of health risk sharing/protection that works through community governance aided by technology, and has been tested across urban rural and tribal geographies. Uplift is now working to scale this mutual model across communities and reach out to a million lives in the next five years. Kumar Shailabh Financial Inclusion Pune West Tech 2019
ThatMate thatmate A platform that aims to reduce the myths associated with sexual health. India has 252 million adolescents aged 10-19 years (world’s largest youth population) but only 15% of these adolescents receive sex education. Ignorance and closeness over sexual health can negatively affect their lives - from physical abuse to unwanted pregnancies to sxually transmitted diseases. ThatMate is a platform aiming to combat the myths associated with sexuality-related topics through innovative means, combining lectures with comic books, videos, sketches, plays, physical training, games, edutainment app etc. Divya Shah , Madhav Jadhav Gender Equality Satara, Maharashtra West Tech 2019
Tech4Good tech4good Empowering nonprofits to use technology confidently to deliver impact at scale. Thousands of small nonprofits in India lack the confidence in executing technology for their needs - technology that can help them reach more people more efficiently and effectively. Tech4Good is trying to build tech capacity in these nonprofits through their 3 pronged approach - capacity building, peer networking & mentoring. Rinju Rajan Capacity building Bengaluru Pan India Tech 2019
Tarkeybein Foundation tarkeybein-foundation Shaping a world full of possibilities for students and teachers through technology led academic platforms and toolkits. Tarkeybein (tar-kee-bay) is an Urdu word which literally means “Ideas”- possibilities to us! Tarkeybein Education Foundation (TEF), is a social impact organisation with a vision to shape a world full of possibilities for students and teachers by bringing them our platforms and toolkits. They are building cluster level academic platforms for primary & upper primary government schools with strong learning frameworks & principles institutionalised to maximise Learning Outcomes. They have helped 6000 children transition from a rote learning approach to building their capabilities and have engaged 60 teachers in redefining classroom processes. Akanksha Agarwal , Gourav Rajoria , Jaideep Rao Education Bagpath, UP North Tech 2019
Khushi Baby khushi-baby Tracks maternal and child health at the last mile to ensure the health that they deserve. Khushi Baby (KB) is a novel technology platform to monitor and follow-up maternal and child health at the last mile. The platform consists of a beneficiary-specific digital, health record for the mother and child; an Android application for planning and point of care decision making for health workers; a dashboard for health officials to follow-up with supply side gaps and highest risk patients; a community outreach platform of programmable and personalized voice call reminders in the local dialect to improve awareness and adherence; and curated WhatsApp groups to facilitate communication between health workers and officials. Mohammed Shahnawaz , Ruchit Nagar Health Care Udaipur West Tech 2019
Meraki meraki Meraki empowers disadvantaged parents to act early and unleash their child’s innate developmental potential. 74 million disadvantaged Indian parents are ill equipped to support their children. In order to fulfill a child’s potential, Meraki works on building long-term capacity of parents to spearhead their child’s development and learning. Via its contextualized content, andragogy backed training and personalized technology, Meraki is designed to work for disadvantaged parents across contexts. This 3 layered intervention is delivered by a cadre of technology enabled community champions, Meraki Margadarshaqs, who empower parents to take tangible steps towards fulfilling the developmental needs of their children. Seemant Dadwal Education New Delhi North Tech 2019
billionBricks billionbricks Designing and providing scalable and sustainable shelters for the homeless billionBricks is a one-of-a-kind non-profit innovation studio that uses design as the primary tool to solve one of the most pressing global problems: homelessness. they design and provide shelter and infrastructure solutions for the homeless and vulnerable. since their founding in 2013, they have rehabilitated 4,430 homeless and disaster-stricken people in Asia and North America. their solutions have reached homeless communities in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Nepal, United States and Europe. Prasoon Housing Maharashtra West Open 2018
Anthill Creations anthill-creations Making play accessible and affordable to all. Anthill Creations aims to bring back play to children by mobilizing communities to build lighter, quicker and cheaper playscapes by upcycling waste material like scrap tyres, cable drums and oil drums. Anthill brings in the much needed play into children’s lives that eventually affects their overall growth and life. They believe that every child whether rich or poor should get an equal opportunity and access to play which is important for their holistic development. Nancy Charaya , Pooja Rai Children Bengaluru Pan India Open 2018
Co Labs co-labs Data driven skill development and recruitment for students from rural and semi-urban areas studying in ITIs. Colab’s SkillVill is an initiative designed to strengthen and optimize every link of the skill development value chain, starting with the relationship between the primary stakeholders- students, vocational institutes, and industries. SkillVill aims to Identify skill gaps among students, work with ITI’s to provide upskilling opportunities and help connect the students with right employers based on skill matching. Aakriti Pasricha , Abhinav Jha Livelihood Ranchi East Tech 2019